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Hello, I want to unlock my iPhone. It has a SIm lock on it.

IMEI: 356697085986423

MEID: 35669708598642


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You need to be a customer of Tmobile USA and meet all the requirements in the link below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request the unlocking of my iPhone’s SIM card. I kindly ask for your assistance. 
My contact information:

Name: Omer


IMEI Number: 353004113727064

IMEI2 Number: 353004113877711

MEID Number: 35300411372706

EID Number: 89049032006008882600108163213546

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

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The answer is the post above you. Are you a Tmobile USA customer? If not they can't help.

I am not a tmobile costumer but my iPhone locked by tmobile.

So, my phone is gonna be unlock forever. Am i understand corrrectly.

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You can't get an unlock code through Tmobile since you're not a customer.

Same problem… was T-Mobile… moved to mint, but phone is locked by T-Mobile, not a customer anymore so cannot unlock.

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If you were a Tmobile customer, meet the requirements you should be able to unlock the phone if you left the account in good standing and a post paid account.

Hi ,


I have contacted Tmobile for unlocking my Iphone 11.

I have not heard from them.

Please advise.


My number 7327635577



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read the  answer above and see if you qualify or not.


Hello, T-Mobile customer representatives, I have Apple Iphone 11 user, used for t-mobile phone is locked. I want to use an unlocked as Turkey. If you unlock my device, I would appreciate your sim …


And i am not a tmobile account or sim. Now I am at Türkiye. Pls help!! There phone are very expensive. :))

IMEI: 35 291211 001172 3

IMEI 2: 35 291211 017128 7


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See the best answer in the original post.

How long it takes to unlock an iPhone 14 Pro Max that has been paid off and has been in use for more than 40 days? I have been calling T-Mobile to get my phone unlocked for the last two weeks. I met all requirements to unlock my phone! Customer service only gives excuses for why my phone hasn't been unlocked. All the time the representatives are telling me that the case was escalated to their supervisor and that they will get back with me for the status. When I ask to speak with a supervisor, they put me in hold for more than 30 minutes (to gain time) and them come back with another excuse that the supervisor is with another costumer and will return my call. They never call!!!! What should I do at this point????

您好,T-Mobile 客户代表,我有 Apple Iphone 14pm用户,用于 t-mobile 手机已锁定。我想使用解锁。如果您解锁我的设备,我将不胜感激您的 SIM 卡……


我不是 tmobile 帐户或 SIM 卡。现在我在意大利。请帮忙!!那里的电话很贵。旅游短期解锁也可以。


IMEI 1:35 110979 915764 3

IMEI 2: 35 110979 970283 6


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You must be a Tmobile USA customer to be eligible for an unlock code and Apple does not do temporary unlock codes like Android.


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If it's a Tmobile USA branded phone you would need to meet the requirements, no way around it.