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  • 16 November 2022
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Hello can I please get the unlock pin for my iPhone so I can go to metro 

3 replies

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If you mean unlock code your phone will automatically be unlocked after you meet the requirements in the link below.


I put in for  the ACP -  ( & was approved) & was told I would have to go thru  Metro. I have my Applic. ID - I have been w/T-Mobile for  a couple yrs.  & can no longer keep paying them $80 for their service. As a Senior Citizen - on a fixed income - groceries & medicine is overwhelming me. Please - let me know the next step I need to do - to sign up w/ Metro. Thanks....F. Blackwell

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as long as nothing is still owed on your phone/devices you would just go into a Metro store to get switched over.