Unlocking Samsung phone bought from manufacturer

  • 5 December 2023
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 I bought my Samsung Note 20+ off of Samsung's website. I selected the carrier T-Mobile instead of unlocked because I was under it at the time. I recently  switched my carrier to AT&T, but when I put the AT&T SIM card in, my phone wouldn't accept it. I tried to go to the Network Unlock settings and pressed the permanent unlock, but it told me "Your phone isn't eligible to be unlocked: reason code 132".

I called T-Mobile, who told me that they were unable to unlock it and that I needed to contact Samsung instead. I called Samsung, who told me that my phone was locked by T-Mobile and only they could unlock it. I ended up physically going to a T-Mobile store, and the worker called tech support in T-Mobile. They said that since I technically bought it off Samsung, T-Mobile wasn't the manufacturer and they were unable to use my IMEI to unlock my phone. 

I have been calling back and forth between the two for a couple of hours now and I still haven't gotten it fixed. I messaged both T-Mobile and Samsung on Twitter and have not yet gotten a reply. I saw that this seemed to be an issue for some people but there has never been a clear solution. Please help me.


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The imei# isn't in Tmobile’s data base as a phone sold by them or a Tmobile reseller. What you need to do is get Samsung to send the imei# to Tmobile support. Usually the Facebook reps get this done pretty quick once the imei# is entered.


So I message Samsung to have them send to T-Mobile support 

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Once Samsung support confirms they sent it contact Tmobile support on Facebook to see if they can help unlock the phone.


I am having same problem, same set up. Bought from Samsung directly, activated with T-mo 4 years ago. Now I am in india and India sim card wont work since it says Device locked by T-mobile. Reason code 132 ???


What a mess, and without a local workable phone in india.


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You need to contact T-Mobile with your receipt that shows you bought it from Samsung and then they will out the IMEI in their system to unlock it once they verify it with Samsung. Without that the device will not be unlocked.