Urgent: Unlock Request for Paid-Off iPhone 13 Pro Max




Dear T-Mobile Support,

I am writing to urgently request assistance with unlocking my iPhone 13 Pro Max, which remains locked to T-Mobile despite my having fully paid off the contract quite some time ago. It is unacceptable and potentially illegal that my device remains locked and that none of the T-Mobile employees have been able to resolve this issue.

Here are the details of my situation:

  • I purchased two iPhone 13 Pro Max devices with two lines from T-Mobile.
  • After fulfilling my contract obligations, I decided to switch to another carrier while retaining my phone number.
  • I switched to the new carrier in October 2022, but my phone was not unlocked automatically and attempts to unlock it manually have also failed.

To resolve this issue, I have taken the following steps:

  1. Contacted support via chat twice.
  2. Called the support line and spoke with operators and supervisors.
  3. Visited the T-Mobile service center as instructed, but was unable to receive assistance there as well.

It appears that T-Mobile cannot unlock my phone because they cannot locate an associated account. Here are the relevant details for your reference:

  • Phone Number: 650-350-0621
  • IMEI: 35933018388933 4
  • Order Number: 71010287514
  • Order Date: 9/17/2021

I urgently request that T-Mobile take immediate action to unlock my device, as I have fully met my contractual obligations and require a functional phone for daily use.

Please resolve this matter promptly and inform me of the steps being taken.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.

Sincerely, Viktoriia and Mark Tereshchenko

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This is basically a user to user forum with some Tmobile moderation that doesn't have account access.

Out of curiosity were these phones purchased through Tmobile or a 3rd party company?

Also have the phones beeh warranty exchanged and the original phone replaced?


It’s originally purchased through T-Mobile, no replacement or exchange.

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There is no law stating a carrier must SIM unlock your device once it is  There are more requirements to qualify for a SIM unlock from T-Mobile, one is being a customer.  The device and your account must meet all of the SIM Unlock Policy requirements for T-Mobile to even send that request to Apple when asked by the Custer after all of the unlock conditions are met..

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And one requirement is that your account is in good standing when making the request.

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Most people on the Community have more luck getting help by sending a direct message to us on Facebook or X. You can use one of the social media icons at the bottom of the page to easily send a message. That team is fantastic at doing a full account review and getting things straightened out pretty quickly.