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  • 10 February 2024
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OK, its been over 10 weeks since the deadline for the TV Promotion.

From the posts I've read,  no one has recieved their e-mail notification and is getting no help from  "customer service".

When i can get through to "customer service" (3 hours) they do verify that i have a valid application for the promotion.

T-mobile wants their money from you, on time or earlier, but seems to feel no obligation to fullfil their responsibilities in a timely maner.

Just imagine what would happen if i told T-Mobile wait ten weeks and maybe I'll  send you some money.  :-)

I realize that the upfront costs of a class action suit is not worth it for TV, but might be to teach them a lesson.


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8 replies

I too am wondering where my TV is? Is there any lawsuit for this going on? It’s really fraud if they are not fulfilling their obligations.  Way pass 12 weeks now still didn’t get any update and not sure where to check the status. 

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First, to save you hours on hold and multiple calls to get the onshore help, log in and look for "promotions", and/or offer status.

If it says accepted or qualified thats good. If not you are SOL.

Now, call with the information from the promotions page, ID, promo code,  etc.  They CAN give you your code and the link for the TV, but it will take some work. There is a promotions group, get them to connect you if you are qualified.

If they only give you the code,  its the  Amazon 4K 50 inch Fire TV USB.

Best of luck.

Good lord T-mobile where is my TV? Its been forever..

Just got my code, had to go through facebook...thank you for that advice from this thread...

It has been weeks!  So, I have a tracking ID and my status for the promotion has been “approved”.  Are you saying I need to get an additional code and link to claim the Amazon TV?

Yes.  They will have to give you a code to put in Amazon. When you get ready to check out with the device. In fact they'll just give you a link and it'll automatically take you to it and you can choose it and then you put the code in and it defaults to zero and then you pick the delivery date.

Message them thru Facebook and verify your account info (it will feel scammy but it’s not). then provide screenshots of your approval to the rep and they will give you a code.


I did it yesterday and my TV came today.

After reading this post last night, I sent a Facebook message to T-Mobile’s main page and had my code within a matter of minutes.  Don’t waste your time trying to call.  I killed an hour on hold and transfers last week to get nowhere.  My TV is now scheduled to deliver tomorrow.

Customer service finally gave us the code but it says expired.     Anyone still dealing with this?    
Several phone calls and no help, Tmobile customer for 17 years.    Completely unacceptable.