Forgot to include Trade in reciept with my Phone




I recently traded in my old iPhone for an upgrade & packaged up my old phone and sent it back to the address with the shipping label provided, however, I forgot to include the reciept that goes in the package with my phone information. (IMEI etc)


Will this affect my trade in? Can assurant figure out the phone/account based on the tracking ID or RMA # provided?


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This is basically a user to user forum with some tmobile moderation that don't have account access so you need to contact Tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to see if the have the answer.

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There is a reason that information is important to include with the device.  When these devices are unpacked, the box isn’t always there as a reference for the person inventorying them.  Hopefully you are lucky and everything goes the way it should.  However, don’t be surprised if your device arrives at Assurant but the trade-in isn’t credited to your account.  Personally, I always scotch tape the in the box slip to the device I am trading in, then bubble wrap it before boxing it.  That way, whether or not the person inventorying them isn’t the one who removed it from the box, still has the information needed to ensure I get credit for it.