Kids SyncUp Watch Contact Invitation Issues

  • 28 September 2023
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I just got the new SyncUp Kids watch for my son, and I was adding in the different contacts for him to be able to have.  I clicked on the little pink + button and it allows me to add in the person.  i click in the Name box that is there, and it pulls up a little box at the bottom of the screen for me to choose a contact, so I go through my contact manager in my phone, choose the person, and it fills in their information for me in the boxes there. Then I choose the contact type, which in this case I did Friend, and then clicked the pink Next button to the next screen, where I put the name that my child calls this person (in this case it was their grandma), and then I clicked the pink button at the bottom that says Save and Invite.  When I click that button, it takes me to my text messages to that person, and auto-fills in an invitation message.  In that message it says that I added that person as a Friend contact, and that I’ve also sent my child’s contact info to them so they can call and text them right from their phone. However, when I checked with his Grandma, she didn’t have the information in her phone.  He didn’t go into her contacts.  The message also didn’t have the information included in it, nor was there a link for her to click on in order to get the information into her phone.  We put it in manually in her phone.  So, my question is, is this a bug, or is it meant to work this way?  Why would the invitation message say that “I’ve sent [my child’s] contact info so you can call and text them right from y our phone”, if it indeed doesn’t work like this.  And if it does work like this, then I wanted you folks to know so that your I.T department can get right on it to see if they can fix it.  Anyhow, could someone tell me how it’s “supposed” to work so I can figure this out and get it all set up and ready to go for my son please?  I appreciate your response and thank you in advance! 

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