need help regarding iphone 14 pro max

  • 19 September 2022
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  • I have some question can I ask you?
  • My brother has gone to America for business work
  • He wants to bring me an iPhone 14 pro max...
  • If we buy a mobile phone from your shop or a store.
  • Will it work in Pakistan?
  • There will be no issue etc like phone lock or phone freezes
  • If we buy your T mobile phone SIM, it will work in Pakistan
  • I asked my brother, he was telling that if we are purchasing mobile from you, it will stop working in Pakistan like any pin code issue or a phone locked
  • I have searched a lot but I don't understand anything

anyone please help me


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6 replies

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You’re brother is better of buying the unlocked version at the Apple store. The one from Tmobile will be sim locked and usage requirements need to be met.


thank you so much


is there is apple store in washington dc?

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It looks like there’s one. Make sure it’s unlocked for all carriers.

We are trying to turn on converting from Samson phone it asking for a QR code


We are trying to turn on i14 pro max converting from Samson phone it asking for a QR code