Tmobile over promise and cant keep it.

  • 21 May 2024
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On May 16th, I inquired about a promo for an iPhone without changing my plan. I believe I spoke to Mcalvin. He informed me there was a promo for a free iPhone 15 for adding a line without changing my plan. I even asked him multiple times if there was a catch with the promo, and he specifically told me the only requirement was to add a line, with no need to change my plan. I told him I would call back the next day because I wanted to decide on the color of the iPhone I wanted to buy.

On May 17th, I called to buy the iPhone and spoke to Dem. She informed me that she couldn't fulfill the request as she couldn't find the promo. However, she assured me that T-Mobile would honor the promise Mcalvin made on May 16th, as she heard the conversation I had with him. She promised to call me back the next day on May 18th, and even said she would personally call me back after 11 am Chicago time.

On May 18th, I was waiting for a call back from Dem at T-Mobile, but unfortunately, nobody called me back. Later that day, I decided to call T-Mobile and spoke to Iza. After our conversation, she listened to my conversation with the first agent, Mcalvin. She confirmed that she clearly heard Mcalvin tell me about the free iPhone by adding a line without changing the plan. Dem said that T-Mobile would honor the promise he made to me. However, because she was not the one who made the promo on May 16th, she made an appointment with Mcalvin for Monday after 6 pm Chicago time.

On May 19th, nobody called me. I called T-Mobile again and spoke to Gladys. I explained what was happening, and after a few minutes, she told me she couldn't help me because there was no promo. I requested to speak to a supervisor. After waiting for over 20 minutes, he finally answered me. The name of the supervisor is Charlie. He told me that he couldn't help me and he couldn't override the system. I requested to speak to someone higher up who could override the systems. He told me he was the highest position in the department and nobody could help me. I told him every company has higher-ups. I asked for the email of his boss, and he told me their boss doesn't have a company email. I know that's a lie because everybody, especially in a multinational company, has a company email. I mentioned to him that the conversation I had with him was recorded by T-Mobile. He rudely hung up on me. What kind of supervisor is he? He should not be a supervisor if he can't handle situations and the only option is to hang up on customers.

I called T-Mobile again and spoke to PJ. She was more respectful and understood my situation. She tried to calm me down and find a solution. She claimed that she would request an investigation at my request, and I should wait 2 to 3 days for a call back. I just want to give a shout out to PJ; she should be the supervisor and not Charlie, who can't handle situations. He should be retrained as a supervisor.

All I wanted is for T-Mobile to honor the promise Mcalvin made to me on May 16th. If you truly care about your customers, you should investigate and listen to my conversations I had since May 16th and honor what I was promised about the promo.

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Yes they should honor all that was promised and any supervised who hangs up on a paying customer should be fired