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  • 6 September 2023
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UNREAL!  I had originally purchased a new phone from T-Mobile in store on 7/26/2023 as my previous phone stopped working. I was charged $113.69 that included taxes on the device(Samsung S23 +) of $859.99 and a charge to activate the device paid in 24 installments with 23 installments of $35.84 and one installment of $35.67. The device that was sent was the S23 non-plus seems that the gentleman at the store selected the wrong device. We called T-mobile to send us the correct device in which they initiated a return and sent me the return shipping label to send the wrong device back. We shipped the device back with the return label that the customer care line created with a tracking number. The UPS proof of delivery states that T-Mobile warehouse received the shipment on 8/7/2023, however my account was never credited back the  $113.69 as when I called customer care line they stated that they did not scan the device in as they could not find the device or the package. They stated until they are able to locate the device I will continuously be billed for a device in which is not in my possession and the fact that the device was lost in their warehouse, I should not be responsible for T-Mobile's inability to protect or locate the device once proof of delivery states that it was returned and in T-Mobile's possession.

Worst part about it is, I was put in touch with an “Expert SME” as on numerous occasions reminded me of her title that she was taking care of it by continuing to submit a form expecting a different result , however, in the same breathe made sure to remind me that I was responsible financial for the full amount until they are able to locate. WHAT A SCAM! I have filed a Dispute Resolution with BBB and have filed a complaint with the FCC.


A quick search on google has uncovered MANY other very similar scenarios. C’mon @T-Mobile Executives what is going on over there? You were once my trusted company and you have degraded that trust. As if all the security breaches weren't enough red flags that your internal operations is a mess. There is nothing that separates you from your competition at this point other than the least trusted of the bunch.


Get it together!

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