UPS Did Not Deliver Gateway

  • 20 January 2024
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I ordered Tmobile internet and got the order and tracking number. I have been home all this week and everyday I got a notice saying a delivery was attempted. Three attempts were supposedly made and not it is saying returned to shipper. 

This was false, I was home. I asked my landlord to check the security camera at the times the UPS tracking said a delivery was attempted, no UPS person or van was on camera.

So what now. The website says to contact Tmobile if a third delivery attempt fails, which it did. But the support phone number tells me there will be a three hour wait. 

I assume the device will be returned to Tmobile by UPS, but UPS cannot tell me anything because that is a “shipper’s problem” not the receiver. 

I have 15 days to try the Tmobile Internet and at this point, so how do I get a new one? 

If anyone has any ideas, I saw on other threads to use Facebook or Twitter but those accounts haven’t had any posts in a year or two, so I doubt they are active. 

Any suggestions will be helpful

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