Why are there people working at tmobile that cannot do their job?

  • 17 August 2023
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I have ordered two iphone 14’s this week.  I received my son’s Iphone 14 pro and could not set it up.  Could not activate the eSim and could not get help.  I have to go to a store to get that done.  I wanted to get him a new phone number, they cannot do that unless I pay $15 for the new phone number, PLEASE!

I ordered myself an Iphone 14 pro max, to be delivered today.  I get notice from UPS that the address is wrong.  I try to change the address with UPS, that is not possible.  I called customer service and this girl that repeats every thing I said, would summarize what I said wrong and in the end told me that I would have to wait for UPS to try to deliver two times and return it to them before I would get it sent to the right address.  UPS is saying that they cannot deliver to the address given because it is an improper address.  So where does it lie.  UPS will not allow me to have it returned to sender, Sender (tmobile) refuses to contact UPS to correct the address.  I have never had to work with a phone company as incompetent as this phone company is turning out to be.  

As I read through these complaints, I can understand the frustration. 

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