300 GB Lite Gateway Throttled

  • 15 November 2023
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I’m disgusted with T-Mobile right now.


I pay for the 300 GB lite while I am waiting for the unlimited plan (which I was told would take 2 weeks and here we are 2 months later).


my billing cycle resets on the 12th of each month. Last billing cycle at the end of it, I paid for an additional 25 GB to extend my internet usage. 3 days ago my new cycle should have reset to 300GB. Today I received emails from T-Mobile saying I was past by 25 GB allotment. Exactly when I received the email my internet slowed to a crawl. 

I have now spoken to 3 different technical support reps plus 2 online chats, and also went to the store. All of them direct me to speak to somebody else. I’ve done research as this makes me so angry, it seems like there is a glitch in their system telling my gateway I only have 25 GB total on my account. 

Any ideas how to fix this? I work from home and need internet to do my job. Also- Jayson on the tech support chat was atrocious. 


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