4x4 Mimo Antenna Installer

  • 1 October 2023
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My T-Mobile home internet has been fairly inconsistent speed wise.  After doing some research, I want to install a mimo 4x4 antenna.  I know there are lots of helpful videos and write ups out there on how to install these yourself.  However, with how busy I am at work and nervous about drilling a hole in my house to run the cables, I'd like to hire someone to install it, but I cannot find any information on who to call to install them.  If you have had an antenna installed professionally who did you have do it (trade wise, like electrician or someone else)?  Thanks in advance for your help and input!

1 reply

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I think if you go this route, you just need to find a local handyman who is well respected.  There are no high-voltage issues, so you don’t need an electrician.  But the guy needs to have a ladder, drill thru walls, and be willing to open up the router box to connect the antenna.  And if the antenna leads are fragile, he may want to run them in conduit.  This is all general handyman stuff.