5G Home Internet

  • 23 May 2024
  • 3 replies


Tomorrow is the BIG day!  I get to close my T Mobile account and happily send their modem back to them. They have made no effort to resolve my constant dropping off. I actually typing this while using my Verizon 4G hot spot. It is way faster and more reliable. . So very disappointed.

3 replies

Ready to do the same. Constantly unable to use one roku device on one TV. Many calls and same excuses. Did all their "fixes" many many times. More people need to do this maybe then they will figure it out.


We're one week with Starlink and compared to what we were dealing with,  it's amazing.  Starlink has had one network issue that lasted about 5 minutes. It's not the best thing out there, but it's far and above better than the 5G we had.

In my area we only have 2 options cable or tmobile. Only one cable company at that so it is really expensive. Tmobile was good for years its only lately I am having this problem so I am sure they crowded the network to make more money. Going to call them and let them know again of my opinion of them. Also telling them of their unfairness of prioritizing phones over internet. They don't care if you pay just like phones do but if enough people quit they may get the point.