ban band2

  • 13 January 2024
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Can tech support please block my router from attempting to use Band 2? This official hardware for T-Mobile Home Internet doesn't give much power to the end user. Bands 12, 71, and n71 are all great, but whenever it tries to use Band 2 the performance goes to abysmal, it hardly works in the slightest, yet it will stay connected to Band 2 for dozens of minutes attempting to use it before switching to a band that truly works. I usually restart my router when this happens but I'm getting annoyed with the necessity of restarting it, when it is only ever the same issue, Band 2 does not work at this address. When it first turns on it always connects to Band 12 just fyi. I have mentioned in this post all of the bands that I have noticed it using, that doesn't mean that sometimes when it was doing fine that I didn't notice other bands being used.

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