Can’t connect after password change

  • 24 November 2022
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Just joined T-Mobile home internet.  Got my gateway & completed setup. After connecting ALL my devices (TV, laptops, IPhones), I changed the gateway password for security reasons. After the change, everything reconnected except for 1 IPhone device. Tried calling customer care for support. That went no where, I’m asking here if anyone has any idea why just one device will not connect. I get a strange message & it will not let me forget the network. Help please?? 

1 reply

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You might try setting the network SSID to not auto join if it will not allow you to forget it and then edit the settings for the network and then try to get it to join. If you disable auto join maybe it will allow you to forget the network. Maybe by tinkering with the settings you can get it to allow you to forget it.