• 24 January 2023
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I have 5g home Internet and I use chrome cast to connect the TV to streaming networks. I can connect no problem but I immediately get a notification stating that my connection was lost. Sometimes I can still get Netflix but no other apps

2 replies

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Which gateway do you have? What is the quality of the connection you have on the front of your gateway?

I have an Arcadyan KVD21 5G and get three bars on a 4G LTE connection. I too stream all of my TV, but via Apple TV 4K. My download speeds vary, but range between 35 Mbps up to 70 Mbps on a good day. I never have any problem unless the T-Mobile tower is down, which is rare and short-lived. 

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This happens because your internet connection can and will switch towers to try and offset network congestion and to try and provide the best service.  This is how cellular works!  You can try a VPN or a smart DNS service but that probably won't solve your issue.  TMHI is not a type of internet for streaming in my opinion.