Dropped connections

  • 30 November 2022
  • 2 replies


Has anyone had a problem with T-Mobile 5G Wifi where you have to reboot devices in order to reestablish internet connection.  With my iPad I find on a regular basis that I have access to a site, exit the site and they come back shortly after to that site or another site any unable to connect.  I have to reboot my iPad and they I am able to connect.  I’ve also experienced on my MacBook Pro connection problems that are only resolved when I clear out my history, after which I connect without any problem.

I switched several months ago from xfinity internet and never had this problem until T-mobile. My T-mobile router shows a strong Internet signal and my download/upload speeds, when connected, are more than adequate.



2 replies

Yes, I am trying to figure out how to resolve this issue. I realize in the mornings until about 2pm it’s fine but after the connection drops ALOT! 

Later in the day or gets really bad for me.  I called and they said it was network congestion, but why would it be slowest at 11:30pm?