Everything just drops and buffers

  • 16 June 2022
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I’ve had this service since Jan with no problems.  Lately I’ve had issues with videos just stop loading on every machine in the house no matter pc or mac, tablets the kids have gamed on just fine drop connection but will allow them to instantly connect back again but it’s a never ending cycle.  This just recently started to happen,It just happens even on my main pc gaming. I’ve called support and they sent me a new cylinder but that did not fix my problem.  I am on Cell 62 

Cell Identifier 16508990
System Subtype LTE
PCI 247 (82/1)
EARFCN 66786
Maximum Signal (RSRP) -98 dBm
Direction SE (122°)
First Seen Fri, Mar 18, 2022
Last Seen Sat, Apr 9, 2022
Uplink Frequency 1745 MHz
Downlink Frequency 2145 MHz
Frequency Band AWS 1-3 (B66 FDD)

2 replies

You need to go to and check your speed. You either are not getting enough bandwidth from the tower or you have to many devices trying to get data. I had great service when I started 5 months ago but now it is too slow less than 1 mg during the day after 10:00 am. I get over 48 mg at 6:00 am. I complained and actually had a call back and he said after a while that the tower is too congested or basically over sold. It will not get any better. They give primary bandwidth to cell phones and whatever is left it goes to Home internet. I am going to go back to my old lousy 6 mg DSL but at least I can use the internet. Check your speed early in the morning and if it is much better just bail.

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What gateway do you use? You only show the 4G LTE cellular information. The Nokia and the Arcadyan both report primary and secondary signals. The secondary 5G signal and cell metrics would be necessary to determine more about the download speeds. The 4G is used for the uploads. If they have over subscribed the tower that is not right. Here they stopped adding users long ago and will not add more users on the tower. If that is the best they can do that is not a solution. I think you might be getting some poor support response from that agent. They need to explain what is going on and what changed.