Foreign Websites Timing Out

  • 2 August 2022
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I’ve recently switched to T-mobile Home Internet but have noticed that when I try to reach my bank (in Spain) the connection times out. As soon as I turn on my work VPN, it works fine. Otherwise, though, I’m unable to connect via any device that’s connected to my T-mobile router. This includes my bank’s mobile app - I have to turn off WiFi and just use cellular data. Need help on either white-listing the IP/URL or figuring out why *anything* is being blocked in the first place.

2 replies

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It may be a DNS issue or a routing problem. I once had an issue with AT&T Uverse connecting to a technical website in Germany. The problem had to be kicked pretty far up the food chain to get resolved. The biggest problem was getting past the script reading robots at 1st level CS. Once I got to a supervisor he was smart enough to realize it was above his pay grade and kicked it up to engineering.


Ugh. Yeah. I was thinking it might be DNS, too. I was even trying to see if there was a way to change DNS entries through the T-Mobile app for internet and it doesn’t appear you can. I’d change it back to Google or something else equally inoffensive.