Get steaming TV - now Spectrum cable - on my smart T with t-mobile 5 g plus?

  • 9 August 2022
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I want to replace my cable TV subscription with Spectrum with my new t-mobile 5G internet.

I have TV linked to my t-mobile network.  Now can I get the full range of programs?

Also, how to DVR TV programs?

4 replies

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I use Sling. It has lots of options and includes a good amount of free DVR time



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Take advantage of some that offer free trials to determine which best suits your need. The following article (recent update) over at PC Magazine provides some info on some of the major players:


Plan ahead because the free trials offering locals live are very limited - typically no more than 7 days. Also some have mentioned difficulty in getting their correct live local channels on TMO due to restrictions placed by the streaming providers. If streaming directly on the TV you’ll want to ensure there’s an app for that streaming service also available for your TV. There are ways however to stream through your PC to the TV by simply connecting to the TV using an HDMI cable. Personally I opt for streaming through the PC and browser to the TV for more local channel flexibility.

Each service has it’s own channel line up. I personally find YouTubeTV and FUBO (sometimes switching subscriptions due to channel disputes just like with cable) meet my needs best while offering the local live TV channels I need, but YMMV.

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Also, T-Mo has two current promotions for YouTubeTV--$10 a month discount for 12 months for all TMHI customers, or 50% discount (~$35) per month for 12 months for TMHI customers who also have a Magenta Max phone plan (Magenta Max customers also get discounted TMHI--only $30 a month with prepay.