Google Home Not Connecting

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I have just switched to T-Mobile and am happy with everything overall. However, I am unable to connect to my Google Mini device. I've seen a few threads that were older but no exact solution. A little help? Thanks!

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i have the same problem as a new customer of,tmo internet service!none of my google home or alexa device will connect to the wifi!what i did is,just reset the devices to factory setting and voila,it started working!

I have rested back to factory setting on my google home but still not able to get a connection form the T-mobile internet service. this is very frustrating. 

I feel Tmobile doesn't have a solution so they are ignoring us.  If you call they will keep you on the phone for hours trying this and that and even factory reseting until you get frustrated and give up.  I have 3 google home minis. 2 hooked up not at that easily but eventually they did .  1 won't hook up at all.   

I have same problem, with amazon alexa too😩

I factory rest from the Google mini then reset up my Google mini when it goes to connect the the tmobile internet I manually enter my password and it connected with no problem.