Help after power outage - wrong zip

  • 21 January 2024
  • 3 replies


We’ve been loving home internet out here in very rural area but last night we had a 2 hour plus power outage following a couple blink in and out  outages. Now my TMobile doesn’t display the correct LOCAL networks on streaming Fubo. It thinks were elsewhere. How do I correct this? The “network zip code” is not my real one!

3 replies


I having the exact problem. Gateway thinks it’s in LA but it’s really in Seattle. 


We finally got this fixed by a reboot of the Gateway and reconnecting all the devices.  Not sure if THAT was the real solution, or if enough time passed for the cell towers to reconnect with the device. 

My device has been on there for over a year...commlink, for fire alarms. I can't find a place on the tmobile app to "ADD" my device again