HULU doesn't play well with TMOBILE home internet

  • 28 May 2023
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I was happy to try tmobile home internet and it worked great for about a month.  I had one incident where HULU thought I had moved only to find that tmobile IP address had changed.  Hulu was able to match the new ip address which gave me a temporary fix.  Over the last two weeks, however, service has been spotty and my IP address was changed 4 times.  Tmobile service says “sorry, it doesn’t support a static IP address and doesn’t have a work-around for use with Hulu.  

Question:  When selling tmobile home internet, can tmobile be open about the problem and tell potential customers that if they use Hulu, they should choose another service provider?  

5 replies

I had planned to use T-Mobile home internet and Hulu+live since moving to Florida, but it looks like I'll be staying with Xfinity 


FYI HULU must have made a chance because i have not seen the issue in > 1 month.

Thanks for the info.

I just signed up with Hulu+live and have had to call them twice to reset my IP. I live in southwest VA, but the first IP I had was for Virginia Beach. Then yesterday, my IP was from the Philadelphia, PA area. In both cases the live local channels are way off. I was using YouTubeTV before this and never had the issue as YouTubeTV lets you set your location with their mobile app and uses your phone’s GPS to set location. So I feel like it is equally on T-Mobile and Hulu.

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Unfortunately, that’s the way it is due to T-Mobile’s infrastructure - an explanation why can be found at:

Note that @syaoran provided the solution and best answer approved by T-Mobile there. However T-Mobile should probably make this clear when signing up for home internet service. I believe it is probably covered in the terms and conditions but most folks don’t read those.

Even my explanation is a “reader’s” digest version - there’s much more historical and technical detail.

I chose YouTube TV for the reasons mentioned (well that and the fact I go a T-Mobile discount for YouTube TV).