ISO restart Sagemcom Gateway in BASH script

  • 1 October 2023
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We’ve been with T-Mobile for nearly a year with no trouble. I have two BASH script utilities to monitor connection quality. One logs all momentary drops and drops lasting over 3 minutes. It also monitors AC power, so if we lose power, that can excuse some of the downtime. The other uses mtr and speedtest.cli to record connection speeds and quality every 3 hours. So far, we haven’t had any connectivity issues but I’d like to be able to restart our Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway from one of the scripts should the need arise.

I use Debian 12, home desktop.

BTW, we have the mobile app … pfft … have to log in every time I open it and it doesn’t do half of what I’d like.

1 reply


Worst case, there should be power supplies that are network controllable. If lucky, you might get one that you can control by posting JSON via curl. Just looked up the specs on the Fast 5688W, it doesn’t have a battery, so you could reboot it that way.


If you have those bash scripts in a repo or gist, I’d like to take a look.