New Very Disappointed User

  • 16 November 2023
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Speed is great.  I did speedtests w/ Spectrum wired cable and was getting 367-400 Mbps down and about 12 Mbps up.  I get 500 Mbps with only “good” signal on my new T-mobile gateway and fast uploads.  A house full of streamers and not a glitch at all.


That’s where the happiness ends, rather abruptly.

I run a business and all of a sudden “business internet” doesn’t allow me to remotely reach my Intranet without having to add another gateway.  Complexity rarely helps security. 

Can’t complain that T-Mobile is 25% of Spectrum’s cost and faster.  I just wish they would let me throw the gateway into just gateway mode and present an IP address to my much more powerful and capable router.  Now I’m double-natted.  I hate double natting.

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