Nintendo Online cannot play with other T-Mobile subscribers

  • 26 January 2024
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I was a Spectrum customer for 2 years and play Mario Party online with my friends, one of whom is a T-Mobile subscriber. I switched to T-Mobile internet on 12/29/23 and now we cannot play any Nintendo online games together. I can still play online with my friends who use Verizon and Spectrum Internet.

My friend and I both have a Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway. NAT type B. I also tried the wired connection. We have even tried playing on another friend’s T-Mobile gateway and it seems T-Mobile will not connect with T-Mobile. I am now trying a Verizon gateway and my T-Mobile friend and I are able to play online together again. 

It would be great if T-Mobile would fix this issue. I do not want to subscribe to Verizon, but I may go back to Spectrum after 90 days if the T-Mobile issue persists

2 replies


Thanks! We’ve tried all that. It seems to be a connection issue between T-Mobile to T-Mobile.

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@zimplicitei I have a PC that runs games several games on the Epic Games platform and others, and they run fine. While researching your complaint, I came across a few posts that suggest the NAT type will impact the connectivity, as well as creating a separate 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz SSID specifically for your Nintendo gaming.,Open%2C%20Moderate%2C%20and%20Strict.,improve%20your%20network%27s%20NAT%20type.

Let us know how it goes.