Please Help!!! Need to set up router for work.

  • 8 August 2022
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I’ve been given specific requirements to set up work from home internet. My company says I must have a separate dedicated Single or 4 Port WIRED Internet modem or Router that will not have any wifi activity on it. Must have non public/Dynamic IP address. I will be using VPN

I am not tech knowledgable and the Tmobile rep I spoke to doesn’t understand what I am asking. Please explain to me what I need to do? I think I have to get a router, connect that to the TM Gateway, then plug in the ethernet cable from computer to the router? Can my personal devices ie Ipad, Iphone and Roku can still access wifi through the TM Gateway?  Help!

1 reply

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What do they mean by “non-public”?

I don’t think T-Mobile’s Home Internet will do the job. They seem to want a fiber, DSL or cable modem.

Companies’ IT folks can come up with strange requirements. Mine wanted a computer with “no peripherals other than a printer”. This would have meant a computer with no screen, keyboard or mouse.