Poor Wifi Connection

  • 12 March 2024
  • 5 replies


Since December 2023 I have been experiencing poor WiFi connection . At least once a day I have to restart the WiFi . Almost every week I have to call T-Mobile for assistance. I never had problems like this with other networks. I chose T-Mobile because I have no problems with their cellular service and the price for WiFi fit my budget. Now I see you get what you pay for as I’m considering canceling my T-Mobile service to pay more for better service that works.

5 replies



If that’s your connection screen shot it’s your computer or phone or tv. A lot of anti virus will kick u off too I have worse signal and running on 4g playing video games 


These pictures are from my television screen. I only use the WiFi for my Apple TV to watch movies, podcasts and the news . 

And as much as I brag about getting the performance I do. Here last two days my internet has been slow 


I wonder if T-Mobile has collected data that shows how many times a day per week I have to restart Gateway and why they can’t provide better WIFI services in Baltimore City.