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I have just been setting up the new T-Mobile Gateway internet.  I am unable to connect my Canon TR8520 printer.  The printer recognizes the WFi  SSID but will not ask for the password.  Instead it tries to connect (and obviously fails) directly.   Canon says it is the fault of T-Mobile’s Gateway modem having some issue, and is not the printer’s fault.  A temporary PIN was suggested to enter into the Gateway ,but there is evidently no provision for doing that according to T-Mobile helpline. 

       I next asked Google which brand of printers reliably work with the T-Mobile Gateway, and got no answers.   

       Help would be appreciated.    j

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I have the same printer and had the same problem.

This solved it for me:

1- Open the T-Mobile Gateway App on your phone

2- Select Network tab

3- Select your WiFi Network

4- Under WPA Version, change it from WPA/WPA2 to WPA2/WPA3

5- Click Save

6- On your printer go to Device Settings > LAN Settings > Wireless LAN Setup > Manual Connect

7- It will search and find your T-Mobile device > Select that T-Mobile device

8- It will now ask for the password > enter it and and the printer will connect*

*you may have to restart your printer and laptop/computer before it will print



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I have the TS8320 and had no problem connecting, although I may have had to enter my network password on the screen of the printer the first time.  But then I am using the router I was using before getting the T-Mobile gateway.  It sounds to me like a lot of problems with the gateway can be avoided if you don’t use it as a router.