Stop SMS on my Gateway FAST 5688W

  • 17 December 2022
  • 2 replies


I am getting via the device SMS spam and I am sure phishing, as well as unwanted marketing messages.  It is very annoying especially because nearly every message takes two pages.  So deleting is quite a chore, there is no way to delete all at once.  


I have called tech support and they told me they can stop marketing and spam messages.  It did stop, for a day.  So I do not think T-Mobile can stop or totally stop SMS messages they way they have it now.

So why do we need SMS messages on our device anyway?  If T-Mobile wants to reach us they can send an email or text to our cell phones.  Does anyone know how to stop SMS going to our Gateway devices?



2 replies

Just a thought, we have multiple phones on our plan. One number has to be identified as primary. Maybe the internet number is listed as the primary number on your account.  That is something Customer Service should be able to easily verify


Thanks that is a good suggestion.  However my other T-Mobile number is on a different pay as you go account.  The Internet account I have is a stand-alone for now.  Perhpas if T-Mobile would tell me your suggestion would solve the problem I could transfer my main cell phone account from Verizon to T-Mobile.