T-Mobile internet router alternate power options?

  • 11 July 2022
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I just got my router on Friday and everything works as it should but I noticed the router uses a basic USB-C 15W 2.9A charger brick meaning it's not very power hungry. Does this mean I could use third party USB-C cables and my own charger brick of the same voltages? I don't have a lot of plugs in my room so having a really long USB-C cord would be helpful, just don't know if it'll cause any issues.

6 replies

I just called T-Mobile and asked the same question . Yes, you can use a regular charging brick and USB-C cable for the T-Mobile internet router.

Thanks for the info I just found 4 of the Tmobile 5g Gateway "charging cable" & I wasn't 100% sure if they were safe to use on my Samsung phone - they are good & fast chargers

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Generally speaking, long USB cables for power should not cause problem (for data, it may). However, if your problem is lack of available power outlets in the room, the cost of a outlet extender is typically cheaper than a long USB-C cable.  In addition, if a long cable is not well secured, people can trip on it causing damages to the equipment.  An outlet extender is a better option. 

My power adapter for the getaway doesn’t work anymore is it possible for a new one 

My power adapter for the getaway doesn’t work anymore is it possible for a new one 

Mine won't work in a surge protector, it did when I first got it then 1 day no power. I plugged it in a wall socket and it worked. Weird 

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Weird random factoid:  The power brick supplied with my Arycadian  router does not supply the power that is required per the router spec-sheet.  Seems to work fine, though.  Always wonder about that...but if I was buying a power brick, I might buy a higher rated one...