unknown devices on my home wifi network and many other issues and questions

  • 18 March 2024
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I recently received my new home T-Mobile 5G Gateway (G4AR & G4SE) ( the larger white router ). I was able to get it unpacked, hooked up, and set up fairly easy with no issues. I renamed my network, set up a new password, downloaded the app for T-Mobile Home WiFi, and was able to get a few devices connected and working. 

For these first few days to weeks, I am testing speeds and whatnot, so as of now, I only have my Samsung smart TV, my PlayStation 5, my main cell device ( that is connected to the WiFi app and linked to my account ) and one other cell device that is currently not a working number ( no network, will only work while connected to a WiFi ). 

But as I randomly login to my T-Mobile WiFi App, to check speeds and connections, I have had more and more unknown devices that are saying they are linked to my network? I haven't given my network name or password to anyone, these unknown devices, are only being identified by part of their MAC Addresses, so there is no real way to know what they are. When I first notice a new device, its linked, but says "offline". I then click " disable" and there the device stays, unknown MAC address, linked to my network, but disabled...??

Is there anyway to know what these devices are, where they came from? Are they possibly other devices in my home or maybe in apartments connected to me? Are they somehow gaining access to my network, running off my WiFi and able to slow my speeds? Are they just random devices that need or can be hooked up to a network, that the router is picking up, but not allowing to gain access to the network?? Also, is there anyway I can kick the devices from my network or listed devices? And Or is there anyway to rename the known devices that I have connected from their MAC address, to a more recognizable name, making it easier to track my devices and my home's digital security?? 

So many questions, I hope to get back some answers , soon, so I can have a better assessment of T-Mobile Home WiFi, before these issues begin to be more of an issue, and possibly forcing a judgment and decision regarding the future of my home WiFi network and its provider…

One other suggestion, the T-Mobile WiFi App, is lacking in multiple categories. It is very basic, with no way to monitor your network, your home's digital security, you can't kick devices off your network, you can't rename devices that are connected. Please update ASAP.

I hope to hear back as soon as possible! Have a great day!!

7 replies

I have similar issues with the app. Occasionally I see devices I don’t recognize or I don’t see devices that I know are connected. The app needs to allow a user to:

  1. Name known/allowed devices
  2. Block unknown devices
  3. access the router remotely when not on the WiFi network. 
  4. be able to restart the gateway remotely without calling T-Mobile. 

I don’t want to add a separate router to accomplish these things but right now I see no other solution. By the way I’ve already bought a separate reboot device so I can restart the router remotely. 


I’m have the same issue and my devices will just buffer. So I disconnect everything and every time the girl above me starts jiggling things around about 20 seconds after the disconnect. Then she start stomping around and throwing things roughly around her apartment. I know it’s her 2 lines connected, this scene happens every time. Get your own internet and leave me be! I don’t have time for nonsense at all! 

Try resetting you T-Molible Home Internet WIFI Passwords.  Don’t set it to Password Please!

Make the password difficult to guess. Don’t use dictionary words. 

USE a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and non-letter characters. (%$#@+={}[]).

You can also rename your Tmobile access point name.

You can also hid the SSID of your Tmobile Access point after you rename it. 

I agree the app at minimum should 

  1. Name known/allowed devices with a user editable display name 
  2. Allow user to Block unknown devices
  3. show which SSID a device is on

Given that T-Mobile says one should have a separate guest and/or SSID for devices and check if unknown devices are connecting.  With only MAC addresses it’s difficult to know if all the devices are mine.  I would hope they add a display name that can be editable to their app (it can default to MAC address initially.  

is there a place to make recommendations to T-Mobile aside from calling customer service?

I know xfinity internet allows you to rename and kick off the bums that leech off your internet. Best suggestion I’ve read is a separate router. 

I'm seeking answers to the same questions ❓

Has there been any form of resolution?

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So the TMI app has a slider for each connected device that allows you to “disconnect” anyone you don’t want (or don’t recognize).  Seems to work fine for me...are you all saying this feature is not functional for you (I have an Arcadyan KVD21)?