Vizio Tv Connection Issues with Home Internet

  • 19 January 2024
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I just received my t-mobile home internet all of my devices work with the router except my Vizio TV. I can connect to the network but it won’t allow internet access. I have tried making separate networks for 2.4 or 5GHZ but neither seem to work. I still have my Spectrum internet with my old router and the TV connects just fine to that network. Any suggestions on what I need to do? I was really hoping the home internet was going to work out for me but if I can’t connect my TV this might be a deal breaker.

4 replies

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On the 2.4GHz network, change the WPA security to WPA/WPA2. 

Dude the internet wouldn't even work for me. I had them send two different routers none worked right, my phones were legit faster than the home Internet and they said 5G in my area was fine but it obviously wasn't. I currently have spectrum which is way more expensive but better, was thinking about switching to frontier, hear good speeds from them


I tried the 2.4 with the above suggestions and it still didn’t work. What I did was use my old router connected to the new router through a network cable and it works. Not ideal but it’s a work around until I figure out what the fix is. I contacted customer support at T-Mobile and they pointed their finger at Vizio and said it’s the TV’s problem not T-Mobiles router. I wasn’t impressed with their customer service. 

I saw this and it seems like the same problem I'm having. My phone is connected but my Samsung smart TV keeps saying "wireless network connection failed" and just will not connect. 

So what do I do guys???? Buy another router and connect it to the TMobiles gateway router?