What's the cost of two Gateways? I have two homes and it works great at both (move gateway to test)

  • 21 September 2023
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I have the Internet at my Fl home and it is good enough right now until new tower gets built closer. I have  a Georgia home and we brought the gateway here to test and it works great here. I am wondering about the cost for a second gateway. I’d love to ditch both Comcrap and Spectrum. 



P.S my Georgia address says its not available, but it does work here very very well. 

I do note that if you don't get the 5G noted on the gateway, it does not work well.

1 reply

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@Navyeagle I think your easiest most cost effective method will be tell T-Mobile you want to add a line (separate home internet service) and need a 2nd gateway. Otherwise, I think those gateways would sell for about $400-500. You can always shop on eBay for a used one. 

Here is one for $59, but you will need to ask T-Mobile for a 2nd SIM card.

I hope this helps.