Wi-Fi extenders for the T-Mobile gateway


Is there Wi-Fi extenders with a Gigabit port that are compatible with the T-Mobile gateway. I do not want to use a mesh network or a separate router. Only looking to extend the T-Mobile gateways Dual-Band Wi-Fi. 

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I’ve heard some folks looking for extender devices. Like other equipment, we’re not able to guarantee they’ll work. We can leave this discussion open in case there’s others that’ll give their personal recommendation. 


After trying three new extenders including a very high end 6G extender I gave up. instead I purchased a mesh network system which seems to work fine although it does not extend the T-Mobile mash creates its own Separate mess Wi-Fi network. 

Go to settings on your mesh network (usually a local web page). Change the router to an “Access Point”. Hookup Ethernet cable (included with the T-Mo Gateway) to the WiFi router. Then your router access points act as beacons to broadcast the internet to other parts of your house. Works great!


can  you describe step by step Thank you 

Linksys re6500hg. fairly cheep and works great. been using for a year or so. 

Tried netgear, no go. Older TP link worked but only at 2.4 ghz

But you do have to set it up as access point.

Manually enter ssid and password.


@old man : Would you recommend the Linksys RE6500HG as an extender?

Signal from the Nokia router is good, I juts need to extend in the back of the house. Tried different Mesh, and it loses more than anything.

I used to have a router, but the Nokia modem/router does a better job.

Does the link sys do a proper transition for devices when they move between the modem to the extender? I can manage SSID and subnet mask if that is the case.

I transferred over two TP-Link AX1500 WiFi Extender Internet Booster(RE500X), WiFi 6 Range Extenders that I had already installed.

Given no WPS on T-Mobile, it was a bit of a “pain” but once online (locally) to the extender, it was a smooth operation!

It’ been a month and no problems at all.

@PaladinLV I have a TP-Link extender that supposedly can be used with 5G. I cannot figure out how to set this up. Could you help me with the steps?

T-Mobile i not like other Wireless routers.  NO WPS button.

The first Extender is typically connected via E Cable and setup as an extender using either the TP-Link app or a browser connected the TP-Link IP address.  Once this initial extender is connected you can push it’s WPS button and the WPS button on the other device.

There are I am sure EASIER ways!  So I would strongly suggest contacting TP-Link for help.  They helped me and had me up and running in like 5 minutes and they can give you SIMPLE details.


Good Luck!

My router is in the garage and I had weak spots in the house. I had an old TP-Link/ AC1200 range extender lying around and plugged that in. It is making a very nice difference in my speed, though some 2..4 devices have weaker signals. I am very pleased, and may look at getting an updated Link.

This worked really well and was pretty easy to setup! Thank you for all your help :-).

I’ve tried 2 different TP Link devices with no luck. It was an easy setup with the WPS button with Spectrum but T-Mobile makes things difficult. I connected an old router via an E cable to the T-Mobile Gateway so I could use the WPS button but it was married to the older router. Once I unplugged the old router I was back to square one :(

I agree set T-Mobile to make it easier! I ultimately had success by not trying to use the WPS button. Just connecting to the router which was connected to the t mobile gateway worked.

I bought some new Samson phones from Costco’s T-Mobile kiosk and asked about their Internet service since I was planning on changing providers due to frequent, minor interruptions in service.  The two salesmen assured me that T-Mobile provided great service to their families which had multiple TVs and gaming use, etc.  The overall set up of the Internet was easy except for having to relearn how to re-hook up some devices like my garage-porch light.  However, as expected, the far reach of the house was a bit weak, and my existing TPLink extender didn’t pick up the new wifi signal.  After more than two days of REPEATED, MULTIPLE attempts to set up the TP Link AC220 (as I recollect) with the T-Mobile Internet, I was finally able to get it to work.  But there was a failure to explain steps in simple ways though an independent webpage did a better job of explaining some steps.  I tried and retried so many steps it’s hard to remember all the ways that failed and kept failing, but finally using an ethernet connection was the way I got the extender to connect (though I had to manually add the 5 Ghz line).  In short, after several days of frustration, the system is set up and is very stable and works great in sending wifi into the opposite end of the house.  So, I’m very pleased with the results, but deeply frustrated at how difficult it was to set up.  I was surprised at the webpage’s offers to contact TP Link for assistance, and after I got the system up and running, I got several emails from TP Link, so I’m pleased and surprised at how accessible they are and willing to help.

Hello, I bought a himalu WiFi range extender from amazon to extend my signal into the basement. For some reason I am not getting internet on the extender, the light for extender is not coming on and I can’t connect to the extender. I thought it may have been a faulty unit but I exchanged it and the new one is doing the same thing. Any thoughts?