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  • 22 December 2022
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I got charged 48 USD today for a 16 min call to the UK from the US. I had no idea - my plan says “simply global” and talks about 25c/min, but that is only when you are calling from outside the US.

Apparently, it is 12 times as expensive to dial from the US, than to dial into the US from outside.

Never mentioned in the store, near impossible to find on the website (it is tucked in at the bottom of support at the bottom of the home page), and isnt disclosed in terms and conditions in the contract.

I cant find the details by navigating from within my account either.

Anyone else thinks this is an unfair and deceptive practice? 

Why cant TMobile mention this clearly and openly, and then people will make a more considered decision

Customer service when asked said “sometimes customers call in for clarifications” before dialing abroad, but what about all the ones who dont. and then get stung by the high bill?

4 replies

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We've got you covered when calling England.


Mobile to Landline

Mobile to Mobile

Text (SMS)

Stateside International Talk

Add for $15/mo per line




Pay Per Use




I had exactly the same thing happen. We changed to T-Mobile last week and specifically mentioned that we have frequent calls to England. All we heard represented was the $15 a month unlimited rate or pay-as-you-call 25 cents a minute. After a 26 minute call today, we received a text saying the charge was $78, $3 a minute! I have also found that this rate is not clearly disclosed on the website. 

Very disappointed with T-Mobile so far.

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Here's a link to the terms and a screenshot.


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was this the one you found? from what im seeing calling the UK costs $3 per minute. unless you are doing the stateside international talk plan deal that is $15 per month..then the calls are unlimited.


scroll down to the bottom for more info on the simple global stuff..all i could really find..