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I would like to say that i am a business owner for over 15 years. In my business doing what is right for my customers is at the top of the list. T-Mobile business customer service is one of if not the most unprofessional and most unhelpful customer service department i have ever used. I don't make this statement lightly.  I know that i am not the only one thinking or saying this because of the reviews for T-Mobile across many platforms. Just to be up and front hear are some of those platforms.    Comsumer Affairs 1.3 stars, Trustpilot 1.7 stars, Yelp 2.8 stars, Better Business Bureau 1.13/5 stars and there are many more from 1 star too 3.5 stars. This is evidence on how T-Mobile thinks about its customers and how they treat their customers. Question number one is “why” in this day and age would you take the chance to harm your reputation by acting this way and creating conflict. I also believe that T-Mobile has lie and done dishonest actions towards me. I have a problem that many other T-Mobile customers have, and many others have stated.  T-Mobile does not care and will not do anything about it.                     SHAME ON YOU   It is one thing to do this to a customer but to do this to a business customer is truly unacceptable as you are hindering the flow of work. 

As a business owner i think T-Mobile is not right for business customers as the ramifications are too great. This is why T-Mobile should eliminate doing business in the business community.  They have showed that they do not care and when it comes to my contracted, and when it is done i will take my business elsewhere and never come back to T-Mobile again.

Question two, knowing how important time is and how hard it is to navigate today's economy, why would you bring hardship to a small business owner. T-Mobile does not Aline with small businesses. Why won't you let business owners out of the contract so they can go to a company that specializes in small business cell services.   I have personally been treated so bad i don't want too or i never will want to do business again with T-Mobile. 

Please do better, the problems you cause do not just affect just me they also affect my customers and my employees and my family. Just one of many who is unhappy with T-Mobile business cell service.

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