Help! Unable to make phone calls while abroad

  • 26 September 2023
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I have had the same Simple Choice plan with T-Mobile for many years, and have never had any issues with making international calls when abroad (over wifi or otherwise). I am currently in Cyprus for several months (where I have been before, and, again, never had any issues) and suddenly I am unable to make and receive phone calls. Texts are working. The calls seem to go through, but both parties are unable to hear anything. I have turned on data roaming, I have enabled wifi calling, and I have attempted to call the international t-mobile support number, but even this call does not go through. 

Suggestions for how to fix this? Ideas for how to get a hold of someone at t-mobile to troubleshoot? Thank you in advance!


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3 replies

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Do you have VoLTE enabled?  Alot of carriers require VoLTE or VoNR for calls to work properly.  

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You may also wish to see if you can roam on another carrier in Cyprus.  I’m not sure of what carriers are there, but this can happen.  I’ve had issues in Canada in some places roaming on Rogers making calls (but data worked), while Bell/Telus roamed fine for both.


Thank you both! I adjusted my network from the automatic setting to experimenting with the different networks, eventually finding one I was able to make calls on. I appreciate you both taking the time to answer my questions!