International Coverage while in Barbados

  • 1 October 2023
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I was with AT&T for the past 10 years, but I recently switched to the go5g plus plan solely for the included international services which is important to me as I will be in Barbados for 20 months for school. However, my coverage has stopped within a month of being a customer and the t-mobile support has not been helpful at all. I have not received any clear answer as to why my service has been cut. I have only used around 2.26GB of my 5GB international data. This is really frustrating as I have to rely on Wi-Fi now, but Wi-Fi is not readily available everywhere. Many of my peers who have t-mobile are also experiencing this issue while in Barbados. The local service providers here are all working fine, and we are all at a loss as to why t-mobile is the one service not working. My peers with AT&T or Verizon all have normal cell service, but not T-Mobile. As a new customer, this is frustrating and makes me question if I should go to another carrier where service is stable.

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