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  • 5 August 2022
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I have a Simple Choice North America plan that comes with free text and data in 210+ countries … but I cannot find a single country in T-Mobile’s coverage page ( that is included.

Is the coverage page broken, or are the 210+ countries just a mirage?

7 replies

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if you were intending on pulling up England it pulled up perfectly fine for me on my side.




Thanks … it’s working now for me too!  I guess it was fixed.

I have the same problem and have for months.  Whatever country I put in I get a message that there is no coverage yet in that area.  I can’t figure out the problem.  I’ve tried hitting enter after I type in the country name, and also starting typing and then picked from the results that come up.  Same issue.  No coverage anywhere.  Try Italy or Greece.

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Here's Italy, sometimes it's a broken link.

The link just brings me to the page with the country field blank, but thanks for checking.  If I type in Italy, nothing happens at all.  Normally when I’m on this page and I type in Italy, it comes up in a box for me to select, and then I get the message that it’s not supported, even though I know it is.  It’s been this way for months and I don’t understand why T-Mobile doesn’t fix whatever the problem is.  I’ve seen numerous posts from people reporting the same problem.


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Here's Greece.

Thanks.  I learned something very interesting.  If I go to check coverage in a country and I am not logged in, it seems to work fine.  But, if I am logged in to my account the search doesn’t work.   I get a message that there is no coverage.