International Internet Throttled to Rediculous Slow Speed


In past trips to Québec and to Europe, I do remember receiving a message from T-Mobile that my allowed high-speed data had reached its limit, and speed was being cut.  I don’t remember to what speed, but I never noticed any difference.  In a very recent trip to Québec I received a message after there 5 days that my 5GB of high speed data had been used up and I was being throttled back to 2G speed.  2G SPEED!!!!  This quickly became useless as my navigation app couldn’t even keep up.  In frustration I paid for an extra 5GB, but that was used up in less than 24 hours.  

Is this a change with T-Mobile??  If so it really sucks eggs!!  Cutting back to 3G would still be workable, but 2G??  


VERY unhappy!!  

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