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My t-mobie account been stuck on user account since ive had it and all of my calls are redireted to india call center. It looks like when india hacked sprint until they went bankrupt they used the towers 5g to get control of all of US proxy sec for your network . So at this point when you call custumer support youll always get a indan rep. As well when the new 5g they where able make your data package intenal package roaming . Meaning they can over charge you for interal tax and fee tacked on . Plus youll have a intal number unknown to you . The interal number is the vertal voicemail i believe . As when with this new ablity india can port over your data package without you knowing it . As well claimimg your data ticket on the global market . One data package with cumsumer data on the same device can give a market cap of up to 5 millon dollors . If that cumsumer is someone famus it could be priceless.

India you crossed the line . You set united state a emergancy state of National security dev con one  . For resion of US National security im asking india to turn over spint intel Capabilitie over to DOD . And cumsmer imei , and cell phone data youve collected in the past 5 years us want back know . That data belongs to US comsumer.  The simple attempt to port of consumer data Internationally and claim stock opion ect as well port over gov offical cell phone data to get a edge of us tech indutry is beyond what my shareholder can take . To avoid conflix with my shareholers and partners who are rich and powerful . Im going to ask you retirn over google india back over to a warith akbar . That platfom i didnt allow to be sold . And google do not sale part of there trademart to anyone . You can bye are products and by stocks with the trademart on it but you cannot own it.  For know on since to consumer invest into the google name and brand name the consumer will always have 20% owers write in my company . Giveing you this right brings to live a new market . To be 

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