text message to China Do Not getting in the receiver's cell number

  • 1 October 2023
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My plan include text messages to 210 country include China,  I have try many times with Android phone sending text message to a China cell number, 135-464-12345 (11 digit) by set the contact phone # as: 0118613546412345, unfortunately my friend did NOT get any these message, I check my T Mobile account, it show that I DO have that messages sent out to destination CHINA with number (354) 641 2345 (10 digit), it seems to me that t -mobile cut number “1” off, Please help if any person have success of sending text message to China. 

1 reply

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Try using +8613546412345.  I have never texted China before but when texting Australia, Singapore, and the UK, I use +, then the country code, then the territory code, city code, and then the number.