travel to Argentina with magenta plan

  • 16 May 2023
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Just arrived in Argentina from the US.  I have a family Magenta plan.

Hoping someone can help me understand what type of coverage and rates I have in place.

When I landed in Buenos Aires I turned my phone on and it connected right away and I received and sent a text.  Then I turned of data roaming and went to airplane mode because I was unsure if I was going to get charged or not.

Anyone have experience with this scenario? 





2 replies

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Here's the plan for international rates.

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Data and texts will be free but data may be slow. Calls will be 25¢/min except on WiFi where incoming calls will be free and calls back to the US are free. Local and other international calls on WiFi should be 25¢/min but I wouldn’t rely on that.

Here are my hints for international roaming.