Traveling to Japan

  • 26 February 2024
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I will be traveling to Japan to visit my son in the Navy for two weeks this summer.  I know  can rent the wifi hotspots at the airport or get the international SIM card.  My phone is currently locked.  I have a Samsung and went in the settings and was able to a temporary unlock for it looks like 30 days.  My question is how often can I do that?  Is the best course of action to get the international SIM card when I arrive in Japan.  Can I still make and receive calls at my number?  I have never traveled internationally, outside of Canada, so I have no experience with this, but we plan to use our phones for translating, converting money, and using Google Maps.

How much is it to get coverage through T-Mobile for Japan?  What does it cover and is it worth it?  Thanks in advance!!


3 replies

Hi RCQ925,

If you have T-Mobile you should be good to go international. See link above.


I used to be in the service and switched to T-Mobile because international travel was easier. Usually you just hop on their old network, e.g. instead of 5G you get 2 or 3G. So the speeds are very slow typically, but you shouldn’t have to do anything like unlock your chip etc like AT&T and Verizon. 

Best luck and safe travels! 

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The 30 day temporary unlock can be done two or three times back to back.  Do you plan on answering calls and texts while overseas?  Make sure your plan includes texts at least.  The 2G data speeds some plans include is not usable for much of anything, being so slow.  There are international passes you can purchase.  Give Customer Care a call at 611 or send T-Mobile a DM on Facebook or Twitter to have them look at your plan and let you know what your options are.  

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You can temporialy unlock an Android 5 times in a calendar year just make sure that your phone has the needed bands for the Japanese network your connecting to