Unable to Make International Call

  • 11 April 2023
  • 2 replies


I have Magenta Max and am not able to make an international call from the US to London.  I’ve tried every combination using the on-line instructions to use “+4420XXXXXXX”.  How do I complete a call?  The number I’m calling looks like this - 020 7822 XXXX 

2 replies

Have you figured this out?  I cannot call either, even though my plan covers Europe calls and customer help has not been helpful despite hours with them 


I would also like to know if you ever got this figured out, I’m having the exact same problem (except I’m trying to call Scotland from the US, but Scotland is also included in the UK’s “+44” country code. I have also tried “01144” instead of “+44”. Nothing works, and tech support has not be helpful.