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  • 26 May 2023
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My brother is currently deployed with the Army for 9 months in Poland, and we have the T-Mobile military plan. It’s very disappointing and disheartening that we are receiving bills over $500 for international charges associated with my brother just trying to call his family back home. I would think T-Mobile would have more respect and less greed for my brother being deployed and wanting to call home. 😞😞😞

2 replies

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WiFi Calling is more than likely the best way to make calls from an international location back to the US.  Just make sure the device is in Airplane Mode before enabling WiFi to ensure the device doesn’t hand the call off to cellular roaming.  

Have you tried reaching out to Customer Care at 611 or the T-Force Team by DM’ing T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter to see if there is something they can offer you to help reduce those charges in the future?

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even military plans have limits on what people can or can not do with them. i would recommend the wifi method and or use something like Facebook messenger to do the calls so theyre data calls and not actual roaming calls.