I've been thinking of migrating to Tello after 22 years with T-Mobile... ☹️

  • 27 February 2024
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Things are getting tough financially as rent and insurance rates keep going up and up. So I’m looking to save money anywhere I can. The 4-lines of Essential Savings I’m paying for now end up being $129 per month, so I took off one of the boy’s lines and now it’s a total of $112 per month, a total savings of $17. But taking off another line and going to only 2 lines will apparently still cost the exact same.

I was thinking of going with a prepaid plan with T-Mobile and only two lines for $40 a month, which doesn’t include any data. But I’m not sure if that $80 will be like my $90 I’m paying now, which is actually $112.

I keep seeing adds for Mint Mobile. But they don’t have calling to Mexico apparently. I want calling to Mexico, and data would be nice but not necessary.

So I found Tello, which has unlimited minutes and texts for as little as $8 per month.

I am concerned a bit with coverage, as I need a Cell Spot or Wi-Fi calling to have a conection with T-Mobile in my house. I’m not sure if Tello has Wi-Fi calling.

Any thoughts?

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The more I think about this the more I want to change. I started with T-Mobile prepaid as my first phone because they were affordable. Somehow I’ve worked my way up to a postpaid account that’s well over $100 per month. I’d like to go back to that $10 a month life style again. And hey! It’s not 10 cents a minute anymore like it used to be.

The past 20 some years have been fun T-Mobile. But times are getting tough, and I’m not getting any younger.

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Have you looked into a Tmobile Connect plan?


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I thought I had looked at T-Mobile prepaid plans, but don’t remember those low of prices. I was thinking they were $50 per month and up for some reason. So thanks!

So it looks like $10 for 1000 minutes. That’s not bad, as I only talk some 250 minutes max per month. If I want to add Canada and Mexico it’s only $5 more, and I don’t think we’d need to do that to every line.

Thanks again!